Better wellbeing through a healthy lifestyle!

Would you like to know more about ways 
dietary shifts can improve your overall health + wellbeing?
I can guide you on your journey towards a healthier life, that you'll love.

Food and overall nutrition is one of the pillars we'll look to optimize on your path. 

Lowcarb combined with healthy fats - also referred to as LCHF - can be a good option with its anti-inflammatory health benefits. Whether this path is for you or a different one, let's find out!
Download a quick cheat sheet with an overview of what foods to focus on when embarking on a lowcarb or keto lifestlye.


About me
Hi and nice to meet you, I'm Tina.

Following an autoimmune diagnose several years ago, I started integrating a more wholistic approach to life. It all started with a change in diet, but has evolved to so much more from there: Eat, Move, Sleep + Relax are the high level pillars this is built on.

Small adjustments can  have a much bigger effect on so much more + improve your overall wellbeing drastically.

What does feeling good and living a healthy lifestyle mean to you? How do you want to feel? What will your life look like when you achieve what you are looking for?

Let's dive in and get you the life you are dreaming of.  As a certified Health and Nutritional Coach I'll support you with personalized coaching methods to empower you to let the life you are dreaming of become reality.

Coaching Programs


Following a Start-Up Consultation, individual coachings can be booked any time. 

Studies show that it takes a minimum of 21 days to incorporate new Routines in your life.


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