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What are essential oils?

Essential Oils are organic compounds extracted from plants that have therapeutic properties. They can be found in the plant's flower, stem, leaves, bark or fruit. The chemistry is extremely complex and may consist of hundreds of different and unique chemical compounds. 

Essential Oils are just that - Oils!

They’re the life blood of a plant, and when these plants are grown in the right conditions, harvested at the correct time, and distilled with the utmost care, they can aid in keeping our bodies healthy, well, and happy -  which is how our bodies were intended to be. Essential oils are composed of teeny molecules. These molecules so small that they can pass through our tissues and directly into our cells.  Our systems are super effective and can transport these molecules all over our bodies within a matter of minutes.  

What do essential oils smell like?

Well, they should smell exactly like the plant they come from - nothing more, nothing less. Often, companies will add things like synthetically produced vanillin to make them smell sweeter. Do your oils smell like a plant or a dssert? If it says 100% pure, but it smells sweet, chances are something else has been added or it hasn't been distilled properly. This means that the therapeutic properties are either decreased or nonexistent!


Cypress oil has 280 known chemical constituents. It must be distilled for a full 24 hours to get all 280 constituents.
In 20 hours, you only get 20 of the 280 properties. If you distill for 26 hours, you will get zero of the properties. Cypress is an amazing plant with so many benefits  - if you want it to work for you, you must get all 280 constituens. No more, and no less. An oil distilled improperly gives us no benefits.

You should be able to visit the farms, see where everything is sourced and that no pesticides are used. 

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About me
Hi there, my name is Tina!

Following an Autoimmun Diagnose of Multiple Sklerosis, I started integrating a more natural way of living into my life. 
Healthy Nutrition, Exercise, as well as Toxin + Stress Reduction can improve our overall wellbeing so drastically. 

Essential Oils are now an integral part of my modern lifestyle. A positive Start into the moring, daily mental and body system support, Focus and Clarity, tired muscles or head, you name it, the list goes on endlessly of how oils are used in our household throughout the day.

However, Not All Essential Oils are of the same quality!

Starting with a pestizide- and chemical free planting of the seed, to correct harvest and destillation, all the way to sealing the oil bottle with many quality controls, there are large differences. 
This is one of the reasons, I've chosen the Market Leader of 27 years to work with, where production and delivery are done directly.

If you'd like, I'd love to talk to you, about how you can integrate the highest quality essential oils into your life (and why this is a really good idea ;-)). 

What are the next steps?


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